Sandy Kenyon reviews 'The Mountain Between Us'

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Stars Kate Winslet and Idris Elba don't pass the chemistry test in this action flick.

During these last few warm days before the weather turns cold, I can think of better things to do than watch Kate Winslet and Idris Elba try to survive in the snow in "The Mountain Between Us."

Two strangers find themselves stranded at an airport just before a major storm blows in, and they find they share a common goal to get out of there.

Alex (Winslet) is racing home to get married the next day, while a surgeon played by Elba must perform a life-saving operation on a child. She makes small talk with the doctor, but soon, they find themselves in peril after the pilot of the small plane they charter becomes incapacitated and they crash in harsh and rugged terrain, high in a desolate mountain range.

The locator beacon is broken, the pilot is dead, and Alex is injured. Her phone is gone, while his doesn't have a lot of juice.

Should they stay inside the wreckage at the crash site? Or should they leave? A mountain lion helps convince them to get a move on, while Alex tells her companion, "We might die together, and I don't even know you."

Watching their relationship grow in the midst of adversity is kind of intriguing, because of the acting skill of the two performers. But sitting though "The Mountain Between Us" is almost as exhausting physically for the viewers as it is the characters.

I was saying "enough already" and looking at my watch even before Alex falls through the ice into the deep, dark, and very cold water of a snowed-over pond. And even then, there's a whole lot movie still left before an ending so predictable, you will likely guess what is going to happen before their plane goes down.

"The Mountain Between Us" is destined to be more admired than enjoyed for anyone who has the patience to sit through it. The stars really don't pass the chemistry test, but I will give them an A for effort.
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