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Two young sisters singing--and loving every minute of it

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Sandy Kenyon reports on two young sisters, ages 11 and 13 working towards the Broadway stage. (WABC)

A couple of sisters from Tampa, Florida were so determined to attend theater camp in New Jersey they performed together until they'd raised enough money to pay for it. Their next stop was Broadway and then one of the city's finest nightclubs: "54 below" -where we found the sister act in rehearsal.

Like the old song goes, so goes life for these two sisters:

"Beside you is where I will stay," they sang.

"We've always sung together at home and everything and I love doing it onstage with my sister. We've been through all of our experiences together."

Millie Shapiro said she and her older sister Abbie have been singing together since they were "really, really, really little."

"We used to sing in the bath together all the time & we kept singing together, and people said, 'wow your voices sound really good together."

Good enough to be booked into a top nightclub. Good enough to impress Andrea Mcardle- Broadway's original "Annie" - now all grown-up and serving as their role model.

"They're the future of Broadway. If these kids are attacking these kinds of songs now and doing a job like this (it's you know) the possibilities are endless," said Mcardle

Milly - who is 11 years old - played "Matilda" on Broadway.

Abigail - aged 13 - was in a big holiday show. All of which is quite surprising to their mom.

"I'm tone deaf, and I can't dance so I kind of stay outta their business, and they like it that way."

But the girls can't sing until they do their chores and mom says: "When it's not fun, we're done."

Millie talks about becoming a lawyer. Abbie thinks she might want to direct but for now this is just a really rewarding experience for both sisters:

"I feel that she has my back. She's always protected me."

"And, she supports me too. She's helped me & we've both helped each other."
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