What Howell Township police officers did after driver only clears snow off his side of windshield

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Joe Torres has the Eyewitness News exclusive.

A driver in Monmouth County cleared off just enough snow so he could see just out of his side of the windshield.

Howell Township Police told Eyewitness News that the snow-covered car looked more like a minivan.

"I thought it was a joke quite frankly. There was about 3 feet of snow caked onto this car," said Vinny Bonner.

The officer's dash cam captured the roadside stop along Oak Glen Road near the middle of the 63-square mile town.

Exactly why did the driver clean only a small portion of his windshield and side window?

"He explained to me that he couldn't reach the top of the vehicle," said Patrolman John Lopez.

After that feeble explanation, Patrolman Lopez handed the driver a $75 ticket for failing to remove snow and ice from the vehicle. Then the officer and his partner did something most people wouldn't expect. They helped the driver clear off the snow.

"He looked like an elderly fellow. There was a ton of snow on the vehicle, so we decided to help him out, clear off his car for him," added Lopez.

"I give them a lot of credit. Our officers, just like every other police officer, they're compassionate, they are not here to ruin anybody's day," said Howell Township Police Chief Andrew Kudrick.

The Chief told Eyewitness News that each snowstorm, his officers dole out a handful of tickets to drivers who failed to clear off the snow from their vehicle. How those people don't realize they pose a danger to themselves and others - that's still a mystery.

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