12-year-old boy rescued after falling into icy canal in Babylon

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Stacey Sager is live in Babylon with the details.

A Suffolk County police officer and a Good Samaritan teamed up to rescue a boy who fell into the icy waters of a Long Island canal, but it was a 7-year-old boy who set the whole rescue into motion.

Finn Chatterton is only in second grade in Babylon but is wise beyond his years, which is very clear the moment you meet him.

Asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he said "Yes I do, a teacher. I already know."

In fact, Finn knows a lot, and on the docks across the street from his home Monday, he knew something wasn't right.

A boy had slipped along the docks behind Fire Island Avenue and Cedar Lane in Babylon and fallen into the frozen water. Finn and his dad were outside playing about 40 yards away.

"We were preparing for a snowball fight and then I heard cries of help," said Finn.

"I didn't actually hear him, I have a hearing problem and Finn said they need your help. I said who needs your help, and Finn said a boy needs your help," Finn's father Patrick Chatterton said.

Finn's dad was able to use a shovel to help pull the boy out, with Village and County authorities assisting as well.

"The little boy appeared to be going under the water for a moment, he seemed to be in distress," said Suffolk County police officer Kristen Derkevics. "We were able to talk to him and tell him we were going to get him out of the water safely."

Almost a day later, the docks still had chunks of snow and ice all over and were slippery.

So the lesson in all this? "We're not supposed to go near the water without an adult," said Finn.

He got to tell his whole class about it Tuesday at school. Meanwhile the 12-year-old boy is just fine and was released from the hospital.

Finn nailed his first 'lesson' as a teacher. His grandmother, June Trujillo, was not surprised at all.

"He's got that kind heart, proving he's here for a reason," she said. "That's why I call him Finn-tastic, 'cause he is."

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