Monkey Do! Yoga brings children's yoga to Brooklyn

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Yoga can sharpen your ability to focus and even improve your athleticism, and now, some parents are signing up their children for classes in hopes of giving them an edge on their way to adulthood.

According to its website, Monkey Do! Yoga is "the only one of its kind in Brooklyn," offering yoga and creative movement classes for all children. But if parents are expecting the classes to mirror adult yoga classes, they'll be in for a surprise.

Marni Sandler, who opened Monkey Do! Yoga shortly after having her first child, wants animal poses to come to life in her studio. She refers to the classes as "play based" and splits certain class sessions by gender, saying young girls may have an easier time focusing than boys of a similar age.

"We really work with the kids' energy in the room that day," she said. "And a lot of days, they come in and need to get that energy out. It's going to be a loud room."

But there are, she says, surprising moments of calm.

Yoga works in tandem with sports and, at least at this age, isn't competitive and helps give kids a sense of self.

At Monkey Do! Yoga, there are classes for everyone from newborns to teens, but no matter who is in the studio, the focus is always on the children. There are classes taught in Spanish and Friday night drop-off classes, giving parents an opportunity to squeeze in a date night.

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