Superintendent says Newark is 'not Flint' in water crisis

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Jim Dolan is live in Newark with the latest details.

Newark Schools Superintendent Christopher Cerf says the test results for lead in the city's schools are alarming, and parents should be concerned.

"It's tempting to say this Flint. It is not Flint," Cerf said.

Cerf, a parent of three says he is also among those who are concerned.

"We should talk about it, we should address it, we should advocate for funding from state and federal sources. We should work together as a community," he adds.

Of the thirty Newark schools tested so far, eight had some water sources that, when tested had elevated levels of lead. One water fountain in a school that children were drinking from had water that tested twenty times higher than the federal limits for lead.

"If a source is identified as above the threshold, we will shut it down and we will make sure that there is free, fresh drinking water in the form of bottles for the students," Cerf says.

Cerf says parents who are concerned should have their children tested for lead exposure, and be aware that there are other possible sources, and that there is also no such thing as a 'safe' elevated lead level.

"Even though fifteen parts per billion is the standard, that doesn't mean that is the safe level. It means that is where the alarm bells really should go off," he adds.

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