Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back,' starring Tom Cruise

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Entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon enjoyed Tom Cruise's role in this follow-up film from 2012.

Some critics are falling over themselves to dislike "Jack Reacher" saying lead actor Tom Cruise should "never go back" to the action role again.

But others say it is a fun addition to the series.

Cruise is 54 years old now. But if he has lost a step or two from his action-role prime, it's not evident here.

Many critics would say he's getting a little old for these roles, but most action fans will enjoy the non-stop explosions and bangs.

Cruise's character, which shares the title name, is an ex-military man who can't seem to let go of his past. He goes after a military major, who's been arrested for espionage.

After breaking her out of maximum security, Reacher and Maj. Turner go on the run to try and clear both of their names.

We've all seen this scenario before but Colby Smulder's performance as Turner keeps the audience interested.

Danika Yaroush also shines as a teen who may be related to Reacher.

Director Edward Zwick is not known for action films. His last collaboration with Cruise was "The Last Samurai." Critics say Zwick is cut out to make action movies but this film says otherwise.

Fans of the best sellers that inspired the movie point out Cruise as too likable to play such a hardened character. Although, he's not as tall as the Jack Reacher on the page, this movie is a welcome relief from the serious season at the box office.

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