Immigrant communities filled with fear as government carries out raids targeting undocumented people

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Candace McCowan has the latest.

Immigrant communities across America are filled with fear, confusion and outrage as the government carries out raids targeting undocumented people. Advocates say federal agents have already arrested 40 people in the New York City area.

Raids took place in California earlier this week - men and women were pulled from their home and handcuffed.

Senator Chuck Schumer is concerned about who exactly is being taken into custody.

"Look, for people who have committed serious crimes, bank robbery, assault - yes, of course they should be deported. But for people who have committed no crimes, or their only crime is crossing the border, this is very, very bad," Senator Schumer said.

There are reports of those not charged with violent crimes taken in the round-up. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly maintains the raids are done completely legally.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie defended the raids on Sunday.

"You're going to have some people, who by the way have violated the law, but don't fit that one category," the Governor said.

The raids have inspired protesters, who took to the streets over the weekend.

On Sunday in the Bronx, Mayor Bill de Blasio's office said they are monitoring the situation.

The Mayor sent out a tweet on Sunday saying New Yorkers should know that city officials will never ask about immigration status.

ICE calls the operations routine, going on to say that ICE will not confirm an operation before it's completed.

"They're very disorganized right now - just as they were on the executive order," added Senator Schumer.

ICE is expected to release more information with exact numbers on Monday. In the meantime, Mayor de Blasio's office is putting out information on legal assistance for those who need it.

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