Woman struck by suspect's vehicle during police pursuit in Bedford-Stuyvesant

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Josh Einiger has the exclusive interview with the victim.

An unsuspecting bystander got caught in the middle of a dangerous police chase in Brooklyn that was caught on camera.

Cowering under the covers, 71-year-old Ana Alvarado told Eyewitness News she doesn't want anyone to go through what she went through, adding that God saved her from death.

Newscopter 7 was above Tuesday night, as paramedics rushed her to the hospital.

"I heard the sirens and police cars," she said, "and then I saw the car on the sidewalk. It happened so fast."

Surveillance video shows two police cars flying west on Myrtle Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, in apparent pursuit of a suspect.

Khaled Al Jalal was inside his 99-cent store as his outside security camera captured the unfolding chaos.

"The guy, he makes a U-turn. He was going this way, the cops were going after him and then he was going back this way," Al Jalal said.

The minivan then jumped the curb, knocking Alvarado to the side before narrowly avoiding another pedestrian.

It then then slammed into some construction material and another car, before driving away.

The man behind the wheel was suspected of stealing a woman's purse from a medical office a mile and a half away in Williamsburg.

He then ran from police all the way there. Sources say a supervisor called off the pursuit, but in the video you can see officers were still involved, with their lights on.

"There are different radio frequencies that we use, it's an ongoing investigation. I'm going to see what actually transpired and we are looking at the chronology of events," said James O'Neill, NYC Police Commissioner.

Alvarado feels lucky as she nurses two bruised ribs.

"I am innocent," she said. "I didn't have anything to do with this."

Police do know who the 35-year-old suspect is, but they are not yet releasing his name. He has already been arrested 31 times.
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