Long Beach police officer crashes cruiser into car driving erratically to save others

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Stacey Sager has the story of a police officer on Long Island who risked his own life to save others. (WABC)

A police officer on Long Island risked his life to safe others from danger.

The Long Beach officer purposely crashed his cruiser into another car that was driving erratically.

Not many cops can say they smashed up their police cruiser and still had a good day at work.

Long Beach Police Officer Brian Eidens did exactly that last Sunday evening on West Park Avenue.

Officer Eidens first heard a bang and then noticed a car had crashed on the center median, narrowly missing a September 11th Memorial.

"At that point I was just trying to get to the car as fast as I could to stop the vehicle from possibly running into houses, or oncoming traffic, or pedestrians in the area," Officer Eidens said.

The officer positioned his car on the opposite side of the road and was hoping to physically get out, when the driver, who was having a seizure, then thrust the car into oncoming traffic.

"There was a few seconds where you knew, this is it, I'm going to be hit?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Yeah there was a few seconds where I thought this was going to happen," Officer Eidens said.

"And you were just at that point, at peace with it, thinking, I got to do what I got to do?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Yes, it's just part of the job, our job description," Officer Eidens said.

"I couldn't be prouder. His humbleness, his concern for the operator of the other vehicle after," said Commissioner Michael Tangney, of the Long Beach Police Department.

In fact, Officer Eidens then helped to save him.

"He was still actively seizing, wasn't breathing, turned him on the side, tried to get a safe airway," Officer Eidens said.

Part of the bumper and a knocked down sign remain at the accident scene, but residents say it's certainly far better than what could've happened.

"The cop could have been hurt and a lot of people could have been hurt. Now, the only damage is to the car, and I think we're ahead of the game," said Marty Heed, a Long Beach resident.

Police say the other driver, 36-year-old Frank Kelly, also had a suspended license. He is recovering in the hospital. His mother, told Eyewitness News off-camera that she is also grateful for Officer Eidens' quick thinking.
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