Pharmacy robbery suspect fatally shot on FDR and 96th street on the Upper East Side

Friday night's crime scene at the Health Source on Second Avenue is really nothing new for the people who work there. For three years, they have been robbed again and again by the same guy, who despite their surveillance cameras has managed to get away with cash and pain pills every single time.

Two years ago, a terrified Assistant Pharmacist who works at Health Source told Eyewitness News that drug abusers are willing to do almost anything to get what they need.

However, Friday was different - the crime scene extended 30 blocks uptown. Police crawled all over a black Jeep, where on Friday afternoon they finally cornered the alleged serial robber, who did not go quietly.

Under the FDR Drive at the start of a rainy rush hour, 45-year-old Scott Kato died in a hail of police bullets after police say he pulled a gun on them.

"It was just like eight shots, boom boom boom boom boom," said one witness.

When Kato allegedly targeted that same long-suffering drug store for a fifth time Friday, he did not know they had a secret weapon - a GPS tracker disguised as a pill bottle. Kato took the bottle, and then drove off in his Jeep. Minutes later, cops were behind him, and when he got stuck in traffic, four officers surrounded him, That is when police say he pulled a 9mm handgun and cops opened fire.

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