Bronx boy randomly attacked with pipe by stranger

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Tim Fleischer reporting in the Grand Concourse on the attack of an 11-year-old. (WABC)

An 11-year old boy walking to school with his grandmother in the Bronx was injured when a man pulled out a 2-foot pipe and attacked him.

The attack left a serious gash in Aaron Padgett's head.

"I mean, I was definitely scared," said Aaron.


On June 13, Aaron was walking on Concourse Village West near East 159th Street when he noticed a man with strange expression. Just as Aaron started to pass the man, he hit Aaron in the left elbow and then in the head.

"He was definitely angry. Something just ticked him off," said Aaron. "He just stood there."

Gertelle Padgett, his grandmother, said she saw her grandson cringing. "I'm saying, 'what's the matter? And then I looked at this guy and he was walking, so I went after him," she said. "I was yelling and screaming at him.

But worried about Aaron, Padgett lost sight of the man. "I had to let the guy go because then I saw my grandson with his head busted open," she said.

"I felt a little stinging, then I touched the back of my head, and then my hand was filled with blood. That's when I knew I was bleeding," he said.

Aaron was taken to the hospital where his arm was put in a sling and he got seven staples to close the gash in his head.

They hope is the suspect can be caught.

"If they're going around and attacking children for no reason, then nobody is safe," said Padgett. "No kid is safe."

Police are investigating and have released a sketch of the attacker. They have not made any arrests in the case.
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