3 years after wedding, couple still waits for video from photographer

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Nina Pineda of 7 On Your Side helped them get results from the wedding photographer. (WABC)

It's very exciting for brides, waiting to get photos and video after their wedding. So when a local woman had to wait years to get her wedding video, she finally turned to 7 On Your Side.

"It's heartbreaking, it really is," said Britney Nadolny.

This September will mark the three year anniversary for she and her husband Brian. Back in 2011, they paid photographer David Conn in full for the priciest of packages.

"$10,000 for photos, album, video," said Britney.

But nearly 3 years after their big day, they were still waiting to get the edited DVD of their ceremony and reception.

"Every time we talk to him it's two weeks, two weeks, two weeks," said Britney.

The couple blames David Conn for a string of broken promises that kept them waiting - years. "One day we'll have kids and who knows if we'll have the video then!", Britney said.

Making matters worse - the groom's beloved grandmother passed away recently.

"She never got to see it. She had all her family there," Brian said.

So we tracked down the photographer - first at his office, then home. He agreed to meet with us, admitting the wedding video was being held by his editor.

"He said you didn't pay him," we said. "Well that's a different issue. That's late in the game, that's a late issue," Conn said.

Conn explained Sandy damage to his home derailed his business temporarily and he's trying to get back on track.

"Once this was put in motion with your team, it happened very quickly and I made it a priority to get it accomplished," said Conn.

And nearly 3 years later, Britney and Bryan had their big premiere.

"Thank you so much 7 On Your Side, I don't think it would have happened without you guys," said Britney.

The photographer told us the couple contributed to the delay by not giving materials to him quickly.

Before signing any photographer's contract, put down a deposit - but don't pay it all up front.

Get promise dates in writing. That way you can hold he or she accountable.

And remember details. Get everything you want done in writing.

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