NYPD and FDNY prepare for Fun City Bowl football game in Brooklyn

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With each snap, throw, and tackle anticipation is mounting for the epic annual clash between New York's Bravest and New York's Finest on the gridiron.

With both the NYPD football team and FDNY football team boasting undefeated records, this year's Fun City Bowl at MCU Park on Coney Island is sure to be a smash mouth, dog fight.

The intense rivalry which has been going on for decades raises money for charities like the PBA Widows and Children's Fund and Fire Family Transport Foundation.

"It feels good helping those that come before us guys that aren't able to be with us anymore," said Louis Basabe, NYPD Football Captain. "It helps different organizations the widows and children's, we just try to do our part."

"We're able to see the families that these are directly helping and it makes a big impact, it makes a big difference to them in their lives, make things a lot easier for people who are in a tough situation," said Mike McPartland, FDNY Football Captain.

The NYPD has dominated the matchup the past few years, but the FDNY has a new mascot bringing them luck.

While there's no love lost on the field, off the field there's a camaraderie, a brotherhood, a tangible bond wins and losses cannot separate.

"We have mutual respect for our jobs, we're there for each other on the street, but come Saturday night it's a football game," said Kevin Shanahan, NYPD Football Head Coach.

"On the field it's dislike, it's hate on the field, but it's a respect off the field, the job they do every day is a tough job and they don't get enough thanks for it," said Steve Orr, FDNY Assistant Head Coach. "And the job that the guys behind us do is tough, it's a job we love, but you don't know what's going to happen when you go to work every day."
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