Drivers warned to slow down in New York City school zones; cameras will be watching

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Dave Evans is in the Bronx with the story. (WABC)

More cameras are coming to New York City streets, to help protect pedestrians.

Mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement Tuesday, just days before many students get ready to head back to school.

The mayor came to the Van Cortland South section of the Bronx to warn drivers to slow down, becauseu school starts soon and cameras will be watching.

"In the next two days these streets are going to be filled with children going to school, parents dropping them off. We want to make sure everyone is safe," said the mayor.

He announced the addition of up to 140 cameras in the next few months.

Greg Thompson lost his sister last year. She wasn't going to or from school, but he believes more cameras would help all of us.

"Speed cameras in general could have helped prevent something like that from happening, my sister being killed, just drivers being more aware of pedestrians," Thompson said.

In most school zones, the speed limit is 15 miles an hour. At 20 mph, you usually don't get caught, but at 25 or higher, you will.

So far there are 23 cameras up and running already. Most are in front of schools and most of them are stationary right in front of the school.

But a handful of them, six so far, are a mobile unit with the camera inside.

So far the city has raised about $9 million from traffic tickets in school zones, but the mayor swears that money is not the goal.

"Absolutely not. Our goal is to make safer streets and one thing I've often said is if New Yorkers would slow down and not jump red lights and the city collected zero in revenue it would be a victory," said Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg.

The ticket is usually a $50 fine, in the mail. The best advice not to get caught is slow down in a school zone, starting in the city Thursday.

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