Out-of-control dump truck careens into Roslyn Heights cleaners

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Kristin Thorne has the details live from Long Island.

A dump truck crashed into a dry cleaners in Roslyn Heights on Long Island late Tuesday morning, leaving one person hurt.

The incident happened at Harbour Hill Dry Cleaners near the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Locust Street at 11:59 a.m.

Witnesses say the unoccupied truck rolled down a hill and into the store, injuring a seamstress.

"I was sitting there and I heard a bang and the building actually shook," witness Dan Black said. "I didn't know what happened. I ran outside, and the truck was there was no driver in it."

The driver reportedly told authorities he forgot to put on the emergency break.

"The driver evidently was up the block getting lunch," said Assistant Chief Michael Uttaro, of the Nassau County Fire Marshal's Office. "He left the truck unattended, and from what we initially heard, he did not set the parking break. And the truck came down the block and did a pretty good clip."

Store owner John Chung was the only other person inside at the time. He said he saw the truck come barreling down the hill, and that the female worker went to the emergency room but will be alright, thanks in part to quick action from workers at a neighboring store.

"Whole building shook," Good Samaritan Christopher Cuartas said. "I was really confused, and the awning came down with a bunch of bricks on it. Shook the whole building once again."

That's when Cuartas and his co-worker ran out of their office next door and saw the woman lying inside the store cut up from the glass.

"We went to go help her and pick her up," he said. "She was in a lot of shock. She wasn't moving too much. After we got her to start moving, we pulled her to the back of my store."

Witnesses say when the driver arrived at the scene, he didn't say much, other than to ask if everyone was OK.
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