Gov. Hochul speaks on new anti-squatter law: They 'do not have the rights of tenants'

Tuesday, April 23, 2024
NEW YORK (WABC) -- Governor Kathy Hochul spoke out on Tuesday about a new squatter law she signed into effect after a series of 7 On Your Side Investigations.

"We put them into state law because it makes sense," Hochul said.

"I thank you for your reporting that puts a spotlight on the fact that there are people illegally in other peoples' homes and creating havoc so we needed to make sure our budget, the laws we introduced just last week, would address this crisis," she said.

Reporting over the past two months by the 7 On Your Side Investigators caused a handful of lawmakers to push to change state law.

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Woman arrested for unlawful eviction despite squatters in her home

They voted to revise the way tenants are defined to exclude people who don't have a homeowner's permission or legal right to be inside the property.

Lawmakers say it will make it easier for police to remove squatters instead of a property owner having to take them to housing court.

"Squatters do not have the rights of tenants, that is firm," Hochul said. "They can be prosecuted and there will be consequences, so that is the message that should go out there."

"You are not living in those houses legally and again I thank you for your coverage on this," she said.

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Hochul signs new squatter law after 7 On Your Side Investigation


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