Eyewitness News reporter Dan Krauth
Dan Krauth is an award-winning investigative journalist who joined the Eyewitness News team in October 2019.

His reporting has exposed government waste and corruption, and has led to changes in state and local laws. Most recently, his reporting uncovered negative plastic surgery practices at clinics where patients were dying. His reports prompted lawmakers to enact a state law in 2019 that protects patients and led to a change in the way surgeons nationwide perform a popular procedure.

Dan has received a regional Edward R. Murrow Award and multiple Emmy Awards for his reporting. His award-winning stories have included uncovering a growing threat to drinking water and exposing how much empty government buildings are costing tax payers.

Prior to joining Eyewitness News, Dan spent five years working at WTVJ in Miami as an investigative journalist. He also worked as an investigative reporter at WPTV in West Palm Beach, FL, a reporter for WXMI in Grand Rapids, MI, and a weekend anchor/reporter for WISE in Fort Wayne, IN. His first job in television news was a morning show producer for WREX in Rockford, IL.

Dan grew up in a suburb of Detroit and graduated with honors from the University of Michigan. If you have any story ideas, contact him at dan.a.krauth@abc.com

Eyewitness's Stories
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