Discover Beijing V: Living Like a Local

Monday, August 17, 2015

NEW YORK -- Discover Beijing V: "Live Like a Local" shows visitors how to experience Beijing like the residents do! This episode delves into gems like bustling hutongs, a courtyard-style boutique hotel, and prime vacation destinations near the Great Wall! Viewers will also learn about the Chinese folk culture during the annual Spring Festival, and will explore traditional Chinese medicine and ancient healing methods.

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Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is the world's best preserved and largest ancient wooden royal building complex, and is the pride of the Chinese nation. As one of the World's top 5 palaces, the Imperial Palace is a World Cultural Heritage site and the unmatched masterpiece of ancient Chinese buildings. The gorgeous and magnificent buildings produce a solemn feeling and represent the dignity and authority of the imperial family. Because it was the residence of the imperial family, its defense system is amazing. The 10-meter-hign wall on the periphery, the city gats and the watchtowers in the four corners are splendid and exquisite.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall is the military defense project built in ancient China to defend against the nomadic peoples of the North. It testifies to the Chinese civilization and is the spiritual embodiment of the Chinese nation. Badaling Section is the best part of the Great Wall. Totaling 7,000 meters in length, with 3,700 meters that can be toured, including the night-scene section totaling 2,000 meters in length.

For more about The Great Wall, visit dpm.org.cn

The Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is now the largest ancient sacrifice building complex in China. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Temple of Heaven was the primary location for the emperors to offer sacrifices to Heaven. The central Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is a magnificent building with a strong Chinese style. The fantastic Echo Wall proves that the Chinese people lived 5 centuries ago were able to skillfully apply acoustic theory. It's not until you visit the Temple of Heaven that you realize how sacred and venerating this practice was.

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is centered at the 41-meter-hign Tower of Buddhist Incense on the Mount Wanshou. The many exquisitely designed buildings make the garden an unmatched masterpiece of landscape art, known as the "imperial garden museum." The Long Corridor lies on the southern slope of Mount Wanshou. Facing Kunming Lake, the Long Corridor is 728 meters long, making it the longest tourist corridor in the Chinese gardens. Each beam along the long Corridor has extremely beautiful colored paintings, totaling to more than 14,000.

For more information about The Summer Palace, please go visit: www.dpm.org.cn

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