Meet Birch Family Services: Empowering People. Building Futures. Sponsored by TD Bank

NEW YORK -- Birch Family Services is a leading provider of educational, residential, employment and community services for people with autism and developmental disabilities in New York City.

Since its inception as one of the city's first not for profit special education schools over 45 years ago, Birch Family Services has helped establish innovative programs and practices that have dramatically improved the quality of life and the opportunity for each child, adolescent, and adult to succeed at school, work, home and in the community.

The organization is dedicated to not only fighting for the fundamental rights of people with disabilities but also for their long-term educational, vocational, social, health, and emotional success and well-being. Today, Birch Family Services supports more than 2,000 individuals and their families across more than 30 locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.

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From pre-K to graduation, employment, housing, and beyond, Birch Family Services is proud to support individuals in achieving their goals and living a fulfilling life.

Watch the video to learn more about how Birch Family Services empowers individuals to achieve their full potential.
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