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Monday, December 7, 2015

Throughout the past 30 years Mao's slogan "Women hold up half of the sky," has inspired Chinese women to overcome the constraints of a male dominated society and emerge as modern day leaders. Much of their progress, especially in rural areas, is due to organizations like The China Woman's Development Fund. CWDF was started in 1988 and is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life of women in areas like education, health care and entrepreneurship.

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By partnering with companies like Mary Kay, Pepsi and working with the United Nations, CWDF is the bridge between corporations and Chinese women in need. Projects like Water Cellar for Mothers, aimed at rural women, helps alleviate poverty caused by a water shortage. Health Express for Mothers, is a mobile health clinic providing health care, training and reference materials. CWDF also works with the China Woman Tourism Committee and together they have launched the Tourism Education Fund.

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We'll hear from notable women leaders like the Secretary General of CWDF Qin, Guoying as well as representatives from American companies like Mary Kay who support CWDF and its initiatives. Plus Patrick Haverman- Deputy Country Director, UNDP in China- discusses the United Nations' Programs they have set up to assist with gender equality in China.

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In addition, Women who have benefitted from CWDF initiatives and modern Chinese women will speak about how far women have come and where they are today. Also showcased will be the "2015 Empowering Women and Sustainability Development Summit" at the UN sponsored by the Sino-American Friendship Association.

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