Learn how 'Crafting Can Save the World'

ByChristopher Casey and Rachel Jandak Localish logo
Thursday, May 5, 2022
How Crafting Can Save the World
See why small business owner @DamaskLove says that crafting can change the world, and how Hiscox Business Insurance protects her crafting dreams. Sponsored by Hiscox.

"Oh, crafting can totally save the world!" exclaims Amber Kemp-Gerstel, a small business owner and the crafting sensation behind Damask Love, a popular crafting brand. "I get so many messages from people saying how crafting, creativity, and making has helped their mental health."

But Amber wasn't always the crafting expert she is today. "Before I ever sat down and decided to have a crafting business, I was a child psychologist," she says. On the side, she picked up crafting as a hobby, but it soon became so much more than that.

When her crafting blog started to pick up steam, Amber had to, "Make the leap from Ph.D. to 'Ph.DIY," and began taking pictures of her crafting projects to post online. That's when her business really took off.

As her business grew, she needed to make sure that she and her business assets were protected. She turned to Hiscox Business Insurance, which was a no-brainer for her. "I knew it was the right fit as soon as we signed up," she says.

Ambers's line of crafting products is colorful, fun, and representative of the world we live in. "One thing that's super, super important to me is representation in crafting and making sure that people who look like me, people who look like you feel seen in all of the items that they make," says Amber.

Sponsored by Hiscox.