Find out about the National Jazz Museum of Harlem - with TD Bank

Wednesday, April 3, 2024
National Jazz Museum - sponsored by TD Bank
National Jazz Museum - sponsored by TD Bank

NEW YORK -- Music lovers and artists from around the globe know what jazz means to Harlem and what Harlem means to jazz. From the Cotton Club to the Savoy Ballroom and, of course, The Apollo Theater, Harlem has been the heartbeat of New York City's jazz scene for over 100 years. And, at The National Jazz Museum of Harlem, that heartbeat along with the drums, keys, horns, and walking basslines are still grooving today.

The pandemic has hurt nearly every community - and has hit the jazz community extremely hard.

"We lost hundreds of jazz artists during the pandemic," says The National Jazz Museum in Harlem's Executive Director, Tracy Hyter-Suffern. "But the museum worked to keep artists working, resolved, vital, and together."

By bringing the music online and going digital, the museum was able to showcase artists to a global community larger than they'd ever dreamed by holding virtual concerts and outreach through social media.

"TD Bank is proud to support the National Jazz Museum of Harlem. Through TD Bank's Ready Commitment, we're committed to improving access to the opportunities people need to participate and feel a sense of belonging in their community. One way we're doing that is through embracing arts and culture to break down barriers to the arts for diverse, under-represented and emerging artists.", said Yvonne Riley-Tepie, Ed. D, TD Bank Vice President and Senior Regional Giving Manager.

The mission of the National Jazz Museum in Harlem (NJMH) is to preserve, promote and present jazz by inspiring knowledge, appreciation and the celebration of jazz locally, nationally and internationally.

Visit www.jmih.org/ for more information on the National Jazz Museum in Harlem.