New in-home gadgets for anti-aging treatments

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Lauren Glassberg has the latest gadgets made to keep you looking young. (WABC)

Getting beauty touchups and procedures at a doctor's office can cost a small fortune.

But now there are new items on the market that you can do at home, and it's doctors who actually put them to the test.

And these are beauty gadgets or in home treatments that cost between 30 and 500 dollars, much less than many treatments offered at your dermatologist's office, and conveniently, you don't have to leave your couch to use them.

InStyle magazine had a panel of more than 50 dermatologists test an array of in-home beauty gadgets. Their favorites include the PMD micro-dermabrasion, which beauty director Kahlana Barfield likes for its simplicity and $179 price tag.

"It has aluminum oxide crystal tip to slough away dead skin cells. You use it for 15 minutes a week and you'll notice a difference in the texture of your skin, it can get rid of age spots," said Barfield.

For wrinkles, there's the Silk'n Face FX.

"It's a mix of heat and red light therapy, and what this does is stimulate collagen production to reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles," Barfield said.

One of the newest items isn't a gadget at all but a polymer for under the eyes. $500 gives you 7 weeks worth.

"It will suck up the bags, it's like really like Spanx for your under eye bags," she said.

For that unwanted hair, try the Tria 4x laser, ideal for maintenance.

"So this emits blue light, which kills bacteria, which causes acne," said Kahlana.

The illuMask is only $30 and will work for 30 sessions.

('And then you can wear it for Halloween?') "Then you can wear it for Halloween, or your kids can," said Kahlana.

But seriously, these are all FDA approved, and they work, but Dr. Joshua Zeichner, a dermatologist with Mount Sinai Hospital says be realistic about your expectations.

"A lot of the devices need to be used three to five times per week for several weeks to months in order to see improvement, and that improvement is about the same as you can see after a single in-office laser procedure," said Dr. Zeichner.

And Dr. Zeichner says a lot of these in-home gadgets are great for maintenance, so if you've already had professional laser hair removal, the take home device can help you maintain that.

List of products:

Microdermabrasion Device: PMD

Zit Zapper: IlluMask-Blue light therapy treatment in a mask form that kills acne-causing bacteria

Anti-Aging Device: Silk N Face

Hair Removal: Tria Laser 4X

Under eye Bags: Living Proof Neotensil Daily Under-Eye Reshaping Procedure
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