Celebrate National Donut Day with free donuts

June 5 is National Donut Day. You know what that means -- free donuts!

In case you were wondering why there is a day dedicated to celebrating donuts (not that you needed a reason), its history has roots in charity. The Salvation Army founded the holiday in 1938 to honor the "donut lassies," volunteers that fed donuts to American soldiers during World War I, among other duties.

Here's a list of vendors celebrating around the country:

Dunkin' Donuts
The national chain is offering a free donut to anyone who purchases a beverage all day (while supplies last).

Free donuts for one day is great, but how about free donuts for life? The Salvation Army is cosponsoring this giveaway with 100 winners. They're also supporting the charity in honor of the holiday.

Krispy Kreme
This store is offering up a free treat, no strings attached!

Shipley Do-Nuts
Shipley is offering one free glazed donut until noon.

Tim Horton's
They're celebrating all summer, offering up a free Nutella donut with this coupon through August.

Cumberland Farms
The chain of convenience stores is offering a free donut to anyone who purchases a beverage before 10 a.m. Friday.

Jiffy Lube
Wait, Jiffy Lube? Yes, Jiffy Lube. They're offering complimentary air pressure checks to help you avoid donuts. Get it?

ABC News contributed to this report.
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