More than 100 swimmers rescued from beaches in New Jersey

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Anthony Johnson reports on the Jersey shore swim rescues. (Photo/Anthony Johnson)

With temperatures in the low 90s on this first weekend of fall, the Jersey Shore was the place to be for thousands.

"It looked like a weekend in the summer" said one visitor to Belmar Beach.

Many of the beach goers ventured into the wicked surf and created a very scary situation. At least 35 swimmers had to be rescued. The lifeguards had to be called into duty and local police and the U.S. Coast Guard were patrolling the Jersey Shore to keep people safe.

Belmar cops were telling swimmers to stay out of the water, but once the police went away people ventured into the water.

"There was a dangerous rip current even at three feet," said one of those swimmers who went into the surf to cool off.

At last count, about 125 people had to be rescued this weekend and three died from drowning.

The dangerous conditions are from Hurricane Maria still drifting in the Atlantic but churning up the water along the East Coast. This is the second storm in two weeks to have an impact. Hurricane Jose waves caused damage to the Belmar fishing pier, which had been replaced after Superstorm Sandy.

So while the weather feels like summertime, it's not a bright idea to go into the ocean when there are dangerous rip currents and the lifeguards are off duty.
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