7 On Your Side: Onion Crunch owner (and Sofia Vergara's ex) owes local business

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7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda has the story of the ex-fiance of actress Sofia Vergara who found himself in a bit of a pickle.

The ex-fiance of actress Sofia Vergara was in a bit of a pickle, but not for the headlines he's used to making. This one has to do with Nick Loeb's condiment company.

He is accused of not paying a small family-run business for services rendered, so they turned to 7 On Your Side.

Plastic bottle salesman Henry Steincke is not happy about the infamous Loeb, better known on his YouTube channel as the "Condiment King."

That's why it was more a slap in the face," Henry Steincke said. "He's in the papers, all over the news, and he couldn't pay this invoice."

Steincke and his dad Hank own All-American Packaging, which supplies the plastic most of us have in our pantries. But they say that while Loeb is a high-flying businessman brilliant at self promotion, he should be better at paying his bills.

The father-son team run the company out of a modest basement office in Forest Hills, and they say Loeb's Onion Crunch owed them more than $11,000.

"You're the Condiment King, and you won't pay your bill," Hank Steincke said. "A simple bill for a simple company."

Onion Crunch has been a customer of All-American Packaging for six years, but in the past two, Hank says orders for the bottles have slowed on the novelty item.

"Phone calls went unanswered, emails went unanswered," Hank said. "We couldn't make contact with anybody."

And the big bill for the last truckload, which was ordered in July and delivered in August, has gone unpaid.

"Twelve cents a bottle, and they ordered 90,000," Henry said.

Back when the product was new, Hank says he had no problem getting paid. He was even invited to Loeb's penthouse and got to meet Vergara, who promoted the product on Jimmy Kimmel. The pair has since split, but her plug remains on Onion Crunch's web page. And that left a bad taste in the vendors' mouths.

"It annoyed me that the guys is worth mega millions, can't write a check," Hank said.

So we called on the Condiment King's company, and within days, the king had a check in the Queens business owners' hands.

"We really appreciate it," Hank said. "We were totally frustrated, and you came through for us."

Loeb's PR contact said Loeb never knew about the bill, as he was out of the country with his former president handling business affairs. But once we told his rep about the unpaid bill, he got right on it.

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