Bronx man sucker punched after giving answer to question

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Kemberly Richardson has more from Soundview.

Mohammad Rahman is a cab driver, and he never imagined giving a basic answer to a simple question would get him sucker punched.

"I never saw him before, I had no idea," says Mohammad.

It is hard for Mohammad to tell Eyewitness News what happened, but his broken nose and bruised eye are an indication of how violently he was attacked.

"He punched me close," Mohammad adds.

Mohammad was with his brother and the pair pulled their car up to their driveway. His brother then opened the gate, and Mohammad walked through and picked up a bag of garbage to put on the curb. As Mohammad was standing still, holding the trash bag, the suspect walked up to him.

"He passed me, and he's back again, and told me 'what time is it now?' I said 'probably 1:00'. That's it. And...he punched my eyes, and a crushing blow to my face" said Mohammad, "I closed my eyes and I'm bleeding in my nose and my mouth."

Mohammad said the suspect was ready to fight his brother next.

'He called my brother and said 'let's go'," he says.

The suspect then appears to leave a woman by his side, and what appears to be a child. Police did respond, but did not make any arrests.

The situation left the father of four, and his wife, Largis, on edge.

"I'm not comfortable to go outside with them, like, I want to go with them because I'm not safe. I think they are not safe," Largis says.

The suspect did not take anything from them, but Mohammed believes since his attacker simply walked away, that he lives somewhere nearby.

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