Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Mother's Day,' 'Keanu'

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Sandy Kenyon has the reviews.

Moviegoers have their pick of new comedies at the box office this weekend, as Mother's Day comes early with a star-studded cast and two sketch comedians step onto the big screen.

We're more than a month into spring, and the summer blockbuster season is already in sight as "Captain America: Civil War" opens next Friday. But before that, a couple of movies are hoping to garner some
attention. But are they worth your money?

"Mother's Day" is no cause for celebration despite the best efforts of Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston. A single mom crosses paths with Mr. Mom in the form of a widower played by Jason Sudeikis. Their meet cute in the supermarket is cringe-worthy, and it's easy to guess how it all works out.

When Julia Roberts starred as a "Pretty Woman" a quarter of a century ago, Garry Marshall directed her. But this one has none of the magic of their first, though there are moments, just a few glimmers, really, of what they once achieved together.

As for Keegan-Michael Key and and Jordan Peele's trip to the big screen in "Keanu," there is too much going on. And that makes for a whole that is way less than the sum of its many parts. Consider it junk food for the mind, masquerading as a movie.

Fans of "Key and Peele" should warm to their first feature, though some of their rougher edges have been sanded down. They go deep into gang territory to try and retrieve pet kitten Keanu by pretending they belong, when of course, they don't.

There aren't quite enough laughs per minute to recommend the picture to anyone except their die-hard fans.

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