Sandy Kenyon reviews The Accountant

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Ben Affleck plays a genius capable of far more than his job title suggests.

The Accountant is autistic, but that's not what makes him so unique.

If you have ever complained about a lack of character development in an action movie as I often have, then Ben Affleck answers back with a fully-layered performance in a movie laden with back story.

Flashbacks show his character as a child bullied into adulthood by his dad, an army officer. He lives with his demons, undercover, linked to his evil clients by a single female voice.

He meets a young accountant on a job, and as played by Anna Kendrick, she manages to connect with him. I loved these two together and I loved the way Affleck underplays scenes of great peril.

J.K. Simmons is excellent as the treasury guy trying to catch The Accountant. I just wish his explanations in the 2nd hour weren't so involved.

The secrets get a little too opaque and the plot too convoluted after a terrific first hour. The quirky script is one revision away from being great, but I applaud T Accountant for daring to be different and I enjoyed it.

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