'Scandal' returns with new twists and turns

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Entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon has the latest details. (Tony Rivetti)

Season 6 of Scandal begins with a presidential election and, as has become customary, a major surprise, a shocking discovery that I did not see coming!

To tell you more would be to risk losing my job, and members of the cast can't be any more forthcoming or they'd get in trouble too, but we still found plenty to talk about!

Olivia Pope slept with her husband the president, but now the former first lady and the ultimate fixer are on the same team trying to get Mellie Grant elected as our country's next chief executive.

"The whole world says they should be enemies and adversaries, and they've decided to band together and embrace their commonalities and their experiences, their shared experiences, and it's really a special relationship," Kerry Washington explained.

A relationship that reflects how close these two performers are.

"I mean I remember like you (Washington) sent me a text from like Italy (on the "Django Unchained" tour our second season) to make sure i had shoes to wear to a brunch," Bellamy Young said. "Like literally the most thoughtful friend and the biggest cheerleader on-set for all of us."

This is a sisterhood on-screen and off.

"I think about this last hiatus where we were all going through these major life journeys and we were just so taking care of each other when we could," Washington said.

The last break was extended due to Kerry's second pregnancy.

"I think I'm lucky to have these little souls come into my life. They make me better," she said.

Kerry told me she is "figuring out" how to find the proper balance in her life, but gives credit to the creator of Scandal, Shonda Rimes for helping her.

"To have that kind of support: to say you can be your best professional and your best wife and mother that there's room for all you are, I am so grateful to have a boss who believes in that for me because it helped me believe it for myself," Washington said.

One working mother's appreciation for her employer. If you are a 'gladiator' then you will not be disappointed with the season 6 premiere.

If you're looking for a way back in to the series, this is a good opportunity. "Scandal" is in the middle of a line-up that begins with "Grey's Anatomy" at 8, followed by "Scandal" at 9 and then "How to Get Away with Murder" at 10 before Eyewitness News at 11.

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