Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Gold', starring Matthew McConaughey

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Entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon admires McConaughey's willingness to alter his appearance and take on a challenging role in "Gold."

Matthew McConaughey undergoes a transformation and sets out on a treasure hunt in the new movie 'Gold'.

It's based on some true events.

I admire McConaughey because while millions of people think he's hot, the star is willing to alter his appearance if a challenging role requires him to do that, and I think that is reason enough to see him in 'Gold'.

McConaughey dials down his sex appeal as a down and out prospector looking for gold in Indonesia, gaining weight much as he lost 50 pounds to play a man suffering from AIDS and won an Oscar for 'Dallas Buyer's Club'.

'Gold' just is not as good a movie, but his willingness to change his appearance once again goes a long way to making this true story seem even more real.

His late father was a successful miner, but now 'Kenny Wells' is working out of his house with the help of his long-suffering wife, played by Bryce Dallas Howard.

Kenny looks to Indonesia for his salvation and uses the last of his cash and credit to go there and try to enlist an old colleague, who may know where gold can be found.

All is not as it seems. As the old saying goes, 'all that glitters is not necessarily gold'.

But rather than spoil the plot, I will tell you the ride is enjoyable. I could call it 'broad and implausible', except for the fact that much of this actually happened.

The guy at the center of 'Gold' is more of an anti-hero, but the star makes him so likable, I couldn't stop rooting for him!

This movie is a bit like McConaughey's hair, a bit too could have done with a trim.

Less would have been more, but director Steve Gaghan, who made 'Syriana' with George Clooney and other good films has earned the right to be a bit self-indulgent.

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