2 attempted lurings under investigation in Kinnelon

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Toni Yates has the story.

Police in Kinnelon are investigating a pair of attempted lurings involving a white dump truck, and they're hoping that a surveillance image will help lead to a suspect.

The first incident happened in the Smoke Rise section on May 9, when authorities say a young girl reported that a truck had passed her on North Road as she was walking home from the bus stop.

She said the truck stopped, and the driver backed up. He reportedly lowered his passenger side window and offered the girl a ride home. When she kept walking, police say the truck continued to follow her, asking if she was sure she didn't want a ride.

The girl then ran home and told her parents, who called 911.

A similar incident was reported the next day that had reportedly happened at the end of April, after the girl heard what happened to her friend and told her mother that she experienced a similar incident.

The truck was described as a white, four-door truck with a black body and a "flower" design on the door, with a rear door smaller than the front door, and a gray interior.

The single occupant driver was clean shaven, wearing a baseball style hat. No further descriptions were provided.

Anyone with more information on these incidents can contact the Kinnelon Police Department at 973-838-5400.