1 dead, two critically injured in Flatlands, Brooklyn hit-and-run

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Josh Einiger reports from Brooklyn. (WABC)

For hours Wednesday evening the NYPD painstakingly reconstructed the horrifying crash.

"I never thought I'd actually be here telling a story like this," said Jason Harricharan, an eyewitness.

An entire neighborhood recounted their frantic efforts to save the family they found dying on the street.

"Oh man, it was so horrible," said Dalton Webb, an eyewitness.

Just after 4:30 Wednesday afternoon, eyewitnesses watched the man behind the minivan run the light at Flatlands and Schenectady, and then start to skid.

"He lost control, he turn two times, boom boom, and then he go on top of the kids," an eyewitness said, "We saw the two girls laying there bleeding, and like yo let's move the car there might be a third."

"Me and a couple of other guys pushed the car up onto the hydrant," another eyewitness said.

Under the car was a third victim.

"Her eyes were open and she wasn't moving at all. She wasn't blinking," said Shamar Brooks, an eyewitness.

"I couldn't look at it no more. I just turned my face once I saw that," Webb said.

At the hospital, doctors tried but couldn't save 12-year-old Joey Sellers. Her 9-year-old sister and their 38-year-old mother were both gravely hurt.

Cops say the minivan had been stolen.

And as strangers tried to save the victims, the man behind the wheel had other ideas, climbing out the window and limping away.

"Stop! Where are you going?" said Mitch Guejuste, an eyewitness who chased after the suspect.

Eyewitness Mitch Guejuste was in hot pursuit.

"He went through somebody's yard jumped the fence. Jumped after him, then he jumped a second fence, I jumped after him again," Guejuste said, "People are heartless. How can you hit three kids and run? That's heartless."

Police think the suspect may have been picked up by a getaway car.

The search for the driver ongoing.
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