Report: Former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes used money from crimes in re-election campaign

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Josh Einiger reports the bombshell allegations against Charles Hynes are contained in a city investigative report. (WABC)

Scandalous allegations have surfaced against Charles Hynes, the former district attorney of Brooklyn.

A report details a pattern of brazen activity in the Brooklyn DA's office using city computers on city time. Now the case is headed for the state attorney general's office for a criminal investigation into the former DA himself.

When Hynes conceded defeat after nearly a quarter century as DA, it turned out his unsuccessful re-election bid was more than just hard-fought.

New documents obtained by Eyewitness News allege his failed fight against challenger Ken Thompson was downright dirty.

A 27-page report from New York City's Department of Investigation concludes Hynes misappropriated money seized from drug dealers to pay a political consultant named Mortimer Matz, a long-time associate of Hynes who city investigators say was paid $1.1 million over ten years, in state asset forfeiture funds.

"The 'description' section of each invoice", the report says, "states a per diem rate for 'public relations and communications services rendered." Instead, "it appears that Matz provided few if any public relations services to the KCDA, serving primarily if not exclusively as a political consultant to Hynes personally, and that he had a major role in orchestrating Hynes' 2013 re-election campaign."

The report also implicates Barry Kamins, an administrative judge who oversees all of New York's criminal courts, who allegedly wrote 300 emails to Hynes from his official judicial account, which, "demonstrate that Judge Kamins engaged in political activity as a sitting judge, by advising Hynes regarding his campaign, and that he also engaged in communications with Hynes regarding matters actively being prosecuted by KCDA."

There has been no comment from any of the people named in the report. As for Kamins, he has been relieved of his duties by state court administrators.

In a statement, Brooklyn D.A. Kenneth Thompson said: "Shortly after becoming District Attorney, DA Thompson's office received a subpoena from the New York City Department of Investigation. This office has cooperated fully by providing all documents pertinent to their investigation."
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