8 deaths attributed to rip currents in New Jersey this summer

NEW JERSEY (WABC) -- It was a deadly summer in the ocean in New Jersey.

This year had the most recorded rip current deaths ever.

Eight people died in rip currents in the state.

That's the most since the National Weather Service started specifically tracking those numbers back in 1998.

Five deaths were in Monmouth County, two were in Ocean County and one was in Cape May County.

This number does not account for the more than two dozen other water-related deaths throughout the summer that originated from pools, lakes, rivers and ponds.

Over 100 people had to be rescued over the weekend at the Jersey Shore as Hurricane Maria churned off the coast and caused dangerous rip tides.

The National Weather Service is warning about high-risk rip currents at least through Wednesday afternoon, meaning they are potentially life-threatening. Waves on Tuesday could reach as high as 8 feet.

The service is issuing a rip current alert, and urges beach-goes to stay out of the high surf.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)
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