4-year-old amputee gets new hand for the holidays

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Friday, December 15, 2017
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Anthony Johnson reports on an amazing holiday present for a 4-year-old amputee.

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (WABC) -- It is an exciting time for the Borton family. Four-year-old Hudson is a congenital amputee, and he is getting a new hand.

"He's perfect the way God made him, and this is just something that can help him in his everyday life," mom Lyndsey Borton said.

The prosthetic was made using a 3-D printer and open source coding that was tailored specifically for Hudson.

"What could be better than something designed for kids, by kids?" asked Kendra Gagnon, the director of the Variety's Children Charity of Greater Kansas City.

The student volunteers with Variety KC spent hours coding and building his new hand.

"Regardless of whatever your passion is, you can find some way to help someone with it," student volunteer Krishon Harris said.

Normally, prosthetics cost thousands of dollars after insurance. This one cost only a few hundred to build.

"It's amazing for him," Lyndsey Borton said. "It's a confidence booster. It's something cool he can show his friends. So we are pretty excited."

Variety KC, a children's charity, made it all possible.

"It's opening doors," dad Nick Borton said. "We always want to let him choose whether he wants to use prosthetics or not."

The new hand for the holidays will enable Hudson to explore in new ways.