Fresh looks abound at 'Architectural Digest Design Show' in Manhattan

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Friday, March 18, 2016
Fresh looks abound at Architectural Digest Design Show
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Lauren Glassberg has the details.

WEST SIDE, Manhattan (WABC) -- If you are thinking of redecorating your apartment or home, you won't want to miss the "Architectural Digest Design Show" going on now through this weekend in New York City.

"This is a beautiful color," said Margaret Russell, the Editor in Chief of "Architectural Digest".

This weekend the magazine puts on its annual design show at Pier 94 on the West Side Highway.

"I think we're always urging people to put more of their personality in their homes and don't always play it safe," Russell said.

One way to do that is with color. This year, blue is very on trend.

"Blue is a color that's classic but somehow always manages to look fresh. It's really hard to go wrong with blue," Russell said.

You could even splurge with a baby blue stove by La Cornue, or perhaps you'd rather invest in a rotisserie grill for the perfect chicken. Or try a small, but bold, fridge more suitable for that New York City small kitchen. There are plenty of ideas for small spaces.

From custom made furniture to items you can buy right at the show in the shop section.

There's also a whole sectional of artisanal creations featured in the made section, like the work of New York-based "Flat Vernacular".

"With this wall paper, it may be the only time you allow the kids to draw on the walls," said Payton Turner, of "Flat Vernacular". "This pattern is pigeon pizza party. Basically want you to figure out what you want to do with the walls, color in or outside of the lines, it's up to you."

Which goes right back to creating your own look for you own home, a few ideas can go a long way.

"If you have any interest in design, you should be here. It's so inspiring," Russell said.

Tickets are $30 online for the show which runs through Sunday.

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