Learn to play a new instrument with friends in a social music and booze class

ByEmily Sowa and Josh Hartmann via WABC logo
Monday, January 28, 2019
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Bantam Studios offers groups classes for learning instrument you've always dreamed of playing... with a drink in your hand!

BROOKLYN, New York (WABC) -- When you hear a new song on the radio or go to a music performance, do you ever suddenly get the urge to learn a new instrument?

As children, we are often lucky enough to have exposure to musical instruments. Whether you squeaked on a violin after school or got your fingers tangled up on a piano, most people have experience music in a part of their life.

Now as adults, it's a bit harder to pick something new so easily.

Ginger Dolden and Pete Lanctot were practicing musicians and some friends gave them the idea that they wanted to learn how to play instrument but didn't know where to start. So they thought, what if they created music lessons for adults?

The first obstacle? Nerves.

How can you bring a group of adults into a room to play a new instrument together?

The solution? Booze.

To get the musical juices flowing, Ginger and Pete started up small group lessons and provided beer and wine.

Now, Bantam Studios is jam packed and classes are at a max! Little did they know, more adults then they thought shared this common interest.

Now their program offers a wide variety of classes and times. Along with a variety of instruments - from bass to banjo to cello, violin, ukulele and more!

This class will teach you the important basics of playing an instrument. You will be taught sight reading, a repertoire of classical pieces, fiddle tunes and some duets.

Relax in a social atmosphere while bringing out the best of your music skills and have fun learning something new while enjoying a refreshing drink.

With complimentary drinks, this is sure to be an energetic and social violin lesson!

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