Boys stop basketball game to kneel for passing funeral procession

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Basketball players kneel for funeral procession
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Basketball players kneel for funeral procession

LOUISIANA -- A group of Louisiana basketball players is getting quite a bit of attention for taking a knee as a funeral procession passed by their pickup game last Friday.

Sisters Lynn Bienvenu and Johannah Stroud of Denham Springs spotted the teenagers playing a game of basketball. What they did next is something that made Stroud stop in her tracks.

The boys stopped their game and dropped to their knees as a sign of support and respect to the family who had lost a loved one.

"It was really impressive. It meant a lot," Stroud said.

The sisters did not want the moment to pass without allowing others to witness. So, they snapped a quick photo and Bienvenu posted it to social media with the caption:

While attending a family funeral the procession passed a group of young boys shooting hoops. Take a look closely. They took a knee not out of disrespect but honor. They was not an adult insight to tell them to stop playing. This meant a great deal to our family. May God bless each one as I feel they will achieve greatness.

"She wanted other people to see it. So, she posted it, and it just took off, " Stroud said.

The picture has since gone viral online, and by Monday had been shared more than 700 times.

"People are hungry to see good things and encouraging things," Stroud said.

As for the young men, they have reached out to the family to express their condolences for their loss.