Four women brawl at Cardi B concert at RodeoHouston: Video

HOUSTON, Texas -- A mother says a dispute over seats at Cardi B's record-setting RodeoHouston concert ended in a brawl that was caught on camera.

Video shows four women fighting inside NRG Stadium Friday after two of those women were told the seats belonged to a 16-year-old girl and her sister.

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The girls' mother said the two women followed them and began pushing them.

The two women were arrested, according to RodeoHouston officials.

Law enforcement says this isn't the only fight during the 2019 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

A fight broke out in a tent during the Brooks and Dunn concert on Feb. 27 when two men got into a disagreement over line placement. Both men were kicked out.

There are likely other fights that law enforcement does not know about, because one deputy we spoke with did not know about the incident at the Cardi B concert.

Law enforcement sources said fights at RodeoHouston are not tracked, and rodeo officials said they aren't informed every time a fight breaks out, because it is usually handled by Harris County Sheriff's deputies or Houston police.

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