Amazing show of support for 'knockout' punch victim in Paterson

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Monday, February 22, 2016
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Michelle Charlesworth has the story.

PATERSON, New Jersey (WABC) -- There's been an incredible outpouring from the community to help a man who was the victim of a vicious knockout punch.

37-year-old Cesar Najara needs dental work. He showed Eyewitness News how the punch messed up his dentures and loosened his front and side teeth, making him miss work for a week and giving him awful headaches.

The good news is a lot of people saw the story and five dentists reached out to Eyewitness News to say they would love to offer the thousands in dental work he needs for his teeth for free.

Dr. Spencer Schwartz is a dentist who practices in Nutley, New Jersey.

"I am happy to help him out. Here he is a victim, hardworking man with a family," Dr. Schwartz said.

Mr. Nahara harbors no ill will against the teenager who randomly hit him while a friend recorded it.

It was for "fun," but the Prosecutor's Office is not laughing. Neither is the Guatemalan consulate. They are both trying to help with a Visa not only for him, but also his wife and five children who still live in Guatemala.

"Of course the important thing is his status, that is the first thing from this country, make sure he is safe and can work and to hear what he wants," said Myriam De la Roca, Consul General.

Dentists say given the loose teeth and damaged dentures it will take at least four visits over a few months to fix the problem.

The consulate tells me they will try to help with transportation between Nutley, where the closest dentist is located, and Paterson.

"What was your reaction when you saw him hit on TV?" Eyewitness News asked.

"I was shocked just like everybody else. I could not comprehend that kind of viciousness," Dr. Schwartz said.

Now, there's an outpouring of compassion.