Sweet spot in NYC offers dessert bar with six-course tasting menu

CHELSEA, New York (WABC) -- In New York City, it's fairly easy to find a fine dining experience, but what about a six-course dessert tasting? At Dessert Bar at Patisserie Chanson, it's real and delicious.

In the basement of the Chelsea eatery lies the "Dessert Bar," a renovated speak-easy that is meant to give guests a sampling of desserts ranging from sweet to savory.

The experience was the idea of culinary chef and Chanson owner Rory Macdonald. After working under names like Salavador Gallego and Gordon Ramsay, Macdonald wanted to open a unique dining venture of his own.

"It came about because I've always worked in fine dining restaurants, and no one ever sees what gets done in the kitchen," he said. "So this is about the guests being able to see desserts being made right in front of them so they see the whole process from start to finish."

The Dessert Bar is an intimate experience, with only 16 seats total in the entire speakeasy.

The tasting consists of 6 main courses and several smaller tastes along the way, often totaling to around 10-12 dishes per person. Each course moves from savory to sweet so guests can leave without a sugar high.

"Really the concept is that desserts don't need to be really sweet and sugary. They could actually be balanced in flavor," he said.

Some offerings? Macdonald's favorite dessert is an apple tatin, which consists of pink lady apples wrapped in a house made puff pastry, baked until caramelized. It is served with a Tonka ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

Another fun taste is a play on strawberries and champagne. Served in a glass teacup, the vanilla panacotta wrapped in a poached rhubarb and strawberry jus dissolves to drink.

The courses vary seasonally, since Macdonald relies on local ingredients in nearly all of his dishes. The menu could change on a weekly to monthly basis. Each dessert is also paired with an optional cocktail, with a la carte drinks available. Each drink is just as creative as the desserts themselves, crafted specifically to compliment the flavors on the plate.

The tasting experience lasts 2 hours and costs $68 per person, while the additional drink pairing is $52. Reservations are required.

You can find Patisserie Chanson at 20 W 23rd St.

Sample Menu:

Yuzu : Honey : Pearl Barley
A Yuzu & Honey parfait with homemade honeycomb, pearl barley gelato, bee pollen and yogurt pop rocks. It is garnished with a yogurt merengue.

Strawberries & Champagne
A Vanilla pannacotta, wrapped in poached rhubarb and a strawberry jus. There is also a strawberry and finger lime compote and champagne foam, finished with espelette pepper. The dish is served in a clear glass teacup, so you will be able to drink the strawberry and champagne soup when it dissolves.

A Light Peanut butter parfait, sprayed with chocolate and garnished with caramelized crunchy peanuts, freeze dried raspberries, banana/passionfruit sorbet and cassis tuile. It's served in a vintage peanut butter jar.

Olive oil/ Eucalyptus
Olive oil gelato, garnished with lemon, olive oil and sea salt. The dessert is served with liquid nitrogen to release the scent of the eucalyptus.

Apple tatin/Tonka ice cream

Pink lady apples and house made puff pastry, baked until completely caramelized and served with liquid nitrogen tonka ice cream.

Boozy Bears
Alcoholic gummy bears in a range of rotating flavors to end the meal. The Dessert Bar currently serves Drambuie, Tawny Port, Fernet Branca, Campari and Frangelico.

Black Sesame & Chocolate Dumpling

Local Bosc Pear
A caramelized, roasted and spiced pair, served with tonka Ice cream

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