Join this block's social distance dance party

CHICAGO -- Every day at 6 p.m., you'll hear music on one Chicago block.

From 70's funk to the Top 100 hits, these Rogers Park neighbors listen to it all during their social distance dance parties.

"We share the DJ among the block, we all come out, dance on our porches and our sidewalks and unleash some energy from the day," Matthew Couture said.

Couture saw a group of neighbors in Buffalo, New York, doing something similar on the news. So he figured he could get his street to join in on the fun. He was right.

"It's really fun to just let your heart drive you when you're dancing," Francesca Wesley said.

They're using the dance party as a chance to connect with neighbors while they stay at home. But they're also honoring first responders and medical professionals after every song with a round of applause.

"We're new here so it's exciting to see a sweet bunch of neighbors that we have moved into so it's been a pretty awesome way to move in even if we haven't spend as much time with them," neighbor Alyssa Amaio said.

The neighbors don't know how much longer the dance parties will last, but hope they send a message to others that you can still have fun while staying socially distant.