Woman says co-op management billed her for 3 years of cable, internet she didn't use

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Wednesday, November 3, 2021
Woman says co-op management billed her for 3 years of cable, internet she didn't use
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Nina Pineda has more on how 7 On Your Side stepped in to help settle the bill.

JACKSON HEIGHTS, Queens (WABC) -- A woman in Queens says she was billed for a service she never had and says her co-op company charged her for three years of cable and internet after they did a bundle deal for all the residents.

The only problem is she opted out. When they wouldn't let her out of the charges, she contacted 7 On Your Side.

And now she's moving. In fact, mostly everything in Elizabeth Orlowska's apartment is packed up for her move home to Poland.

After decades in Jackson Heights, the 82-year-old put her co-op on the market, settled all her stateside affairs -- except for one.

She was blindsided by a bill from her management company charging her for three years of cable bills, adding up to almost $2,300.

She never got a bill because her one TV only gets an old-school analog signal and she only gets one station: Channel 7.

"Every day she'd call me frustrated, almost in tears, because no one was helping her," said Christina Grimaldi.

Grimaldi is Orlowska's downstairs neighbor who is helping her set out to get to the bottom of the big bill.

The two met when Grimaldi connected Orlowska with her pit bull, Phoebe, a rescue at the local shelter.

"She doesn't have anyone, I'm her friend, she has no family, her English isn't that good, she asked me for help, I said I'll help you," Grimaldi said.

She got all the old records from Spectrum and sent proof of no cable box or bill to the management company, but didn't hear back, so they called 7 On Your Side.

It was the right call. We asked the co-op's management to review the records and they still thought Orlowska should be back-billed.

But they didn't have any proof so the bill for $2,300 went away.


-When it comes to closing utility bills, question any charges that don't seem correct.

-Request documentation and proof of old bills and always put it in writing.

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