Customize your own treat at 'Hot Dippity Donuts'

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Monday, September 12, 2016
Customize donut frosting, toppings at Croton-on-Hudson shop
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Lauren Glassberg fills you in on this tasty new option.

CROTON-ON-HUDSON, New York (WABC) -- Doughnuts come glazed, cream filled, chocolate, and powdered, but now you can get them made to order and you get to choose the toppings.

They've been serving up hot bagels at "Bagels on Hudson" since the early 90s, but these days they're rolling out something else: hot cake donuts.

"Anything hot and fresh is just delicious," a customer said.

At this Croton on Hudson shop within a shop, "Hot Dippity Donuts", you customize those donuts with frosting and toppings.

"We encourage everyone to make their own combinations other than the standard flavors that we offer," said Evan Liaskos, the chef said.

Liaskos is a trained chef and had no trouble coming up with dozens of creations. They're $1.49 no matter what the topping.

"We have Nutella with Rice Krispies and hot maple bacon. It's really hot brunch on a donut," Liaskos said. "People like donuts in the morning, afternoon, and late afternoon."

"I think sometimes the adults use the kids as an excuse to come for donut," a customer said.

"It's a treat, you get to pick them out, it feels more special I guess," another customer said.

"When I saw this place opening up, I was ecstatic and I use my little girl here as an excuse to come get donuts a lot," a customer said.

And there's a third part of this bagel business, ice cream that came years ago.

But the donuts were only introduced several months ago.

"Ice cream donut sandwiches as well as ice cream donut sundaes, delicious," a customer said.

Bagels are the mainstay of this business.

Evan's wife, Debbie, owned the business when he married her. She's rolled with his changes like the ice cream.

"She said it was a great idea, because my wife absolutely loves ice cream and then you said, 'Let's do donuts,' and she said, 'Ok, I believe in you," Liaskos said.

Customers are glad she did.

"I hope people don't come to Croton just to get the donuts," a customer said.