Incredible chainsaw carver turns ordinary wood into art

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Saturday, July 24, 2021
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This artist is making a real buzz with her chainsaw, carving out some of the most impressive woodworks you've ever seen!

DICKINSON, Texas -- Some artists uses a brush and a canvas - but Della Merediths preferred medium is much louder. This unique artist wields a chainsaw to turn old wood into incredible works of art.

Meredith, who lives near the Texas Gulf Coast, first got involved in woodworking by carving tikis and pelicans. But in 2016, she went viral when she carved a five-foot-tall sculpture of former Houston Texans player J.J. Watt. Since then, shes received requests to create custom art pieces for people and businesses across the country.

She also works to turn trees damaged by Hurricane Laura or Februarys freeze into impressive woodworks. So far, Meredith has transformed old trees into detailed tikis, angels, an eagle, a mermaid, a hawk, a bear and much more.

Watch the video above to see this amazing chainsaw artist at work!