Midway Gourmet has all the crazy, deep-fried rodeo food you're craving!

HOUSTON, Texas -- Dominic Palmieri is the "Midway Gourmet" of crazy carnival food. For nearly thirty years, he's predicted the biggest trends and brought the ooey, gooey and chewy bites to people around the country!

Palmieri was even one of the first to lead the "Hot Cheeto" craze. He helped create the Cheeto-crusted corn on the cob, Cheeto cotton candy, and even Cheeto-crusted caramel apples. One of his favorite dishes is the Hot Cheeto Pickle. It's made from pickle slices, hot cheese sauce, and Cheetos crumbled on top.

If you want to check out some of Palmieri's over-the-top creations, visit his website at midwaygourmet.com.