Broadway star Ben Platt's second act: 'Sing to Me Instead'

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Actor and singer Ben Platt spent his formative years in Los Angeles, where he grew up a child of show business.

His dad is a Hollywood mogul, and Platt was "Pitch Perfect" in his big screen debut. But his new videos are set in New York City, where he moved seven years ago to conquer Broadway -- which, of course, he has.

"Authentic" is a word used too often in this day and age, but if it should apply to anyone, then Platt must surely qualify. On his first solo album, the Tony Award winner has remained true to himself.

"I definitely wanted to address anxiety somewhere on the record," he said. "It's something I deal a lot within everyday life."

On the song "Ease My Mind," Platt sings, "There's a worry that I can't place."

He co-wrote many of the songs on the album, and this one was inspired by a past relationship.

"I started thinking, 'When have I felt the most comforted and calmed, and when has my anxiety been the most quieted?'" he said. "I immediately thought of a relationship that I'd been in."

A love affair with a man inspired "Ease My Mind," so when it came time to make the video, Platt had to make some choices.

"The decision I had to make was really a much broader one, which was, 'Am I really going to be authentic and transparent in every way?'" he said.

As a result, he asked a male friend to play his lover in the videol

The star came out as gay to his family and close friends years ago, but coming out publicly was a different animal.

"It was almost entirely an artistic decision," he said. "I think there's fear about revealing yourself in any way to the public, especially when you've had this beautiful, cocoon safety net of 'I am the character Evan.'"

Platt became the toast of Broadway in "Dear Evan Hansen," won a Tony in the title role, and earned a fan following so big that his upcoming concert at the Beacon Theater sold out in just a few hours.

He felt both gratitude and anxiety.

"To feel embraced in that way, particularly by this city, just made me want to cry," he said. "It was amazing. And, then, of course, as soon as I celebrated, it was like, 'This show has got to be (expletive) great.'"

But Platt wouldn't have it any other way, saying his fear is a sign, showing he is on the right track and still being challenged.

His new album is called "Sing to Me Instead."

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