Daveed Diggs heads behind the camera for ABC's 'The Mayor'

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Daveed Diggs is a recording artist turned Broadway star, now turned television producer. After winning a Tony last year for his performance in Hamilton, Diggs is continuing to make the most of his moment in the spotlight.

Diggs is helping to produce the new ABC show The Mayor, which was introduced to advertisers last month by ABC head of entertainment Channing Dungey.

The Mayor is about a rapper who runs for mayor as a publicity stunt and ends up winning the race. The show stars Brandon Michael Hall as the rapper turned politician, while Yvette Nicole Brown plays his mother and Lea Michele from Glee plays his chief of staff.

"It's an outsider politics story," Diggs said. "It's about a struggling young rapper who runs for mayor as a publicity stunt and accidentally wins, and then has to figure out how to run
a city."

Just a few short years ago, Diggs was like the lead in his new show, a struggling rapper trying to, "make that work, work," as he puts it. Now with his newfound success, Diggs is putting his old crew to work on the new series.

"I'm writing most of the original songs for the show, as well as other members of my band 'Clipping' are composers on the show," Diggs said.

The Mayor is part of a recent effort to diversify ABC's programming.

"We're slotted to come in right after Blackish now, which is amazing, which is another show I've worked on," he said. "And when you talk about not only ethnic diversity, but a diversity of experiences and diversity of different backgrounds, different parts of the world and parts of the country, I think ABC is doing a really great job."

While he doesn't have plans to become a cast member on the show, Diggs said he isn't opposed to making a cameo appearance. He said he is excited to be working behind the camera.

You can tune in to the The Mayor on ABC 7 starting Tuesday's this fall.
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